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Project Management


The Project Management Group offers consistent and reliable project management services regionally, nationally, and worldwide. From planning and construction to final occupancy, tenant improvements to building construction, the group can help you achieve your most demanding office and industrial real estate objectives. Its measurable results include average savings of three to five percent of total project costs, achieved through value engineering, integration of project participants, aggressive budget, schedule, and consultant management.

Agency Construction Management:

While technically not a distinct project delivery system, the Agency CM fee-based approach shifts risk from the owner to the Agency CM. In such arrangements, owners outsource the responsibility to construction managers who specialize in managing construction risk. These outsourced services can be used by the owner to extend or supplement the owner’s expertise or staff, and to manage the process to help address any shortfalls of the chosen project delivery system. An Agency CM working as an owner’s representative, administers the construction contract through the planning, design, and construction phases of the project. In contrast to other members of the project delivery team, the Agency CM has no vested financial interest in either the design or construction of the project and maintains a responsibility to act exclusively as an advocate on the owner’s behalf. The Agency CM can assist the owner in developing the required project documentation, selecting the most qualified design and construction teams, performing contract bid evaluation, developing budgets and schedules, managing constructability reviews, and value engineering. The Agency CM tends to deliver the greatest value during the preliminary planning stages of a project, providing planning and organizational skills which help to prevent costly problems during construction. Constructability reviews and preliminary scheduling can and do result in significant risk reduction and cost savings by limiting change orders, delays, and contractor claims.

At-Risk Construction Management:

In this delivery system, the CM provides preconstruction advisory services to the owner regarding budgeting, scheduling, and constructability issues and then switches to the role of general contractor during the construction phase for a flat fee (typically based on a Guaranteed Maximum Price, or GMP, contract).

Multiple Prime Contracting:

Using this delivery system, the owner bids (RFP’s with Scopes of Work) and holds contracts with each separate discipline, such as general contractor, electrical contractor, and mechanical contractor. The owner or Agency CM is responsible for managing coordination, schedule and budget during the construction phase of the project.


Some consider design/build the perfect answer to address the limitations of each of the other methods defined above. In such instances, one entity (typically the general contractor or developer in partnership with others) is responsible for the design, construction, and coordination of the entire project. The design/build team can deliver a turnkey project in which a completed facility satisfying the specifications of the owner is turned over at a predetermined cost. For the most part, these contracts are based on a lump sum.